Environment Policy


The Acret Group is committed to undertaking our activities in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner whilst complying with all relevant regulations and seeking continual improvement of our processes and prevention of pollution.

As a responsible organisation, Acret Group will always place the highest priority on the health and safety of our staff, contractors and visitors.

To ensure we meet our sustainability and environmental goals we will:

  • Undertake programmes aimed at reducing waste and increasing recycling
  • Continually improve and refine our processes with the intention of reducing our environmental impact
  • Maintain an active and inclusive Health and Safety policy
  • Support relevant industry specific environmental and sustainability initiatives

Our staff will be trained in the principles and execution of our policies regarding sustainability.  They will be encouraged to explore innovative ways in which the Acret Group can continue to improve our performance with regards to our environmental impact.

We will seek to ensure the efficient use of sustainable resources in every area of our company’s operations by endeavouring to undertake all company activities in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner thereby, enhancing our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy organisation.


Tim Acret

Director, The Acret Group