Work Health and Safety Policy

The Acret Group is committed to providing team members, clients, and stakeholders with a healthy and safe environment, and will integrate health and safety into all aspects of its operations.

The company will work to achieve this objective by using its best endeavours to establish a work environment that eliminates or reduces risks to health and safety in its workplaces by applying the following governing principles to its Workplace Health & Safety management.

The Acret Group aims to:
• maintain a health and safety management system which meets legal requirements and the requirements of this Policy.
• comply with all relevant legislation and industry standards.
• train, support, assist and resource team members to work safely.
• enhance the effectiveness of WHS procedures through consultation with team members and other relevant stakeholders.
• implement a health and safety risk management process to ensure that all workplace hazards are identified, assessed, and controlled, or otherwise managed where they are not able to be eliminated.
• ensure that effective return to work processes are in place.
• regularly monitor and report WHS performance to the Director.
• conduct formal annual reviews and evaluations of its WHS systems.
All team members must comply with the above governing principles.
Senior Managers and all members of the leadership team have a core responsibility to uphold and demonstrate leadership in relation to these governing principles.


Tim Acret
Director, The Acret Group