Quality Policy

Risk Management
The Acret Group will:
• identify and assess risks to quality and implement effective controls to reduce the risks
• regularly review systems and processes so they are effective, relevant, and correctly implemented.

Supporting our People
The Acret Groups Management Team is committed to:
• promoting a strong culture of quality management through effective leadership across the business.
• providing staff with the necessary knowledge, training, and resources to ensure customer satisfaction.
• encouraging everyone to integrate Quality into the way work is performed and promote its application as a method for continual improvement within the scope of their activities.

Quality Improvement
The Acret Group senior managers are committed to:
• setting quality objectives and targets and promoting continual improvement to quality performance.
• ensuring that quality goals and expectations are understood at all levels.
• periodically reviewing the effectiveness of this plan, the management system, and the strategic direction of the organisation.
Our mission, goals, and objectives are the basis for strengthening our competitive position and for demonstrating our commitment to compliance with our systems to ensure continual improvement in the delivery of our products and services.


Tim Acret
Director, The Acret Group